1. E

    Cyro 8 way directional joystick keybind bug

    Hi, I just got my Cyro and it is awesome! The only gripe I've found is that the diagonal keybinds for the primary 8-way analog joystick (when bound to keyboard keys), "shines through" to the secondary analog thumb stick binds. Example: Primary is bound to: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Secondary is bound...
  2. E

    Cyro can't remap d-pad on software 1.5.0

    Hello. I've just updated Azeron Software to 1.5.0 alongside with firmware of Azeron Cyro. When I try to remap d-pad (#28, #29, #30, #31), Cyro stops working until I unplug and plug back in. Rebinding middle d-pad works fine (#20). I can change profile with different d-pad mappings and it works...
  3. A

    Feedback and suggestions for Cyro

    Please consider having a home row bump button option for one or more of the buttons, similar to what the F and J keys are on your keyboard. Due to minimal adjustability, this will help immensely with repositioning after reaching for one of the more awkward buttons or the mouse wheel. Putting it...
  4. G

    Cyro firmware update fails

    Trying to update the firmware for my Cyro & it fails every single time. Are there diagnostics or logs I can send to help t-shoot this issue? Thank you in advance for your time & efforts.
  5. V

    Binding special characters to Cyro software?

    I'm learning Spanish and I thought it would be convenient for me to assign the special Spanish characters with accents (á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ, ¿, ¡) to keys on my Cyro keyboard. I used AutoHotkey to reassign some keys to these special characters and tried to bind them in the Cyro's software. The...
  6. C

    Cyro scroll wheel suddenly not working.

    So I have a Cyro that has worked fine since I got it at its' initial launch. All of a sudden today the scroll wheel is no longer working. I have reinstalled the firmware and software. Made sure the mouse scroll is assigned appropriately. No changes.
  7. S

    How to bind Win+Down (windows minimize) on Cyro

    Hey all! I'm new here and this is my first post. I've been using Cyro for a week now and I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten window minimize somehow bind on the Cyro. Now I've been using keyboards Win-key along with the Cyro's sway switch (arrow down). When trying to input key combination...
  8. Savva

    How to Juggle Azeron CYBORG & CYRO Simultaneously

    Join us in this video as we explain how to tame together the acclaimed Azeron Gaming Keypad and one-handed controller Cyro.
  9. V

    (Cyro) Mouse DPI and offset-angle settings keep resetting to default on their own randomly

    I have my DPI set to 1850 and my offset angle at 20, that's what's comfortable to me with the Cyro. But ever since yesterday the DPI seemingly doubles and the offset angle resets to 0 degrees, which completely throws my muscle memory off and, with how many times this has happened, becomes...
  10. Savva

    Azeron Cyro is now available in the Azeron store

    Great news, everyone! The one-handed controller Azeron Cyro is now available in the Azeron store! Here are some of the top features: control the cursor, buttons, the analog thumbstick, and the scroll wheel with one hand; advanced sensor with 16 000 CPI; thumbstick for analog or WASD movement...
  11. I

    Cyro Baseplate Weight Reduction

    Hi all, I’ve been using my Cyro for a few months now and I’m really enjoying it as a one handed gamer. My only gripe is how heavy the device is, I feel it makes aiming quickly in fps games a challenge. Does anyone know if it would be possible to have a plastic base plate made to reduce a lot of...
  12. Savva

    Azeron Cyro 5-way switch replacement guide

    Follow this guide to replace the 5-way switch on your Azeron Cyro.
  13. Savva

    One-handed controller Azeron Cyro quick setup

    Here is a quick setup video for the Azeron one-handed controller - Cyro.
  14. Savva

    One-handed Controller Azeron Cyro Feet skates Guide

    Follow this guide to apply feet skates on your Azeron Cyro to have: 👉 increased control and accuracy; 👉 a smooth and consistent slide; 👉 reduced grip tension; 👉 decreased wrist strain during long gaming sessions. Compatible with right-handed and left-handed Azeron Cyro versions. Order here...
  15. A

    Azeron Software

    Received the Cyro a couple weeks ago. I set it up when it first came in and the software was working just fine. I get on tonight and the Azeron Software keeps freezing up to the point where I have to completely restart my computer to even exit out of it. And since it freezes up I cant modify any...
  16. Savva

    One-Handed Controller Azeron Cyro Features

    Azeron Cyro – the easily adjustable one-handed controller, incorporating core features of a keypad and a gaming mouse. Features: 🎮 control the cursor, access buttons, the analog thumbstick, and the scroll wheel with one hand; 🎮 advanced 3389 16K sensor with 16 000 CPI; 🎮 adjustable...