My World of Warcraft Binds


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Jun 10, 2022
Yo, wanted to share these as there don't seem to be any yet.
I personally prefer not using modifiers in combat whenever possible.
Also, I have a bunch of stuff on mouse buttons - Potions & Healthstones, all my Heals.
Am learning and getting used to the keypad myself, so I'd still consider it a WIP.

Some things about the binds:
- I originally intended the Crowd Control & Defensive rows to be swapped, but I sometimes miss clicked them trying to reach to the upper knuckle buttons. Not having a Defensive when you need it is a really bad time, so I put them on, for me, less susceptible buttons. May not be the case for you.
- The "Special DPS" button in this case implies Covenant Abilities, or anything in that direction.
- The center keys (Primary DPS) are the easiest for me to spam, followed by the second last row (Secondary DPS), so that's what influenced those for me. They were intended to be bound depending on how often the spell is used. Again, your results may vary.
- Raid & DPS cooldowns (Implying stuff with 2:00m+, or at the very least 1:30m cooldown) are usually pretty planned, so putting those on more accessible keys wasn't a priority for me.
- Interface Panels (Bags, Spellbook, ...) are all bound using the modifier and mostly the two central DPS rows.
- I don't tab target.


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Sep 21, 2022
What class and spec are you playing?
I just got my Cyborg and I'm starting to set it up.
I play a Ret Pally as my main, and I have a Hunter as my other raiding toon.

- Jaeger