Azeron May Giveaway (concluded)

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GG Cannon

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Mar 24, 2022
Azeron Final Design.png

For my design, I actually worked for a good while on it and tried to approach the color scheme like a designer would approach a new product.

First, I tried several different designs with a color scheme which I really love to test different possibilities.
After that, from the list, I tried to see which ones I liked the most and tried to improve on the aspects that I found more pleasing.
Azeron Possible Designs Contest.png
Azeron Possible Designs Contest 2.png

I worked on the details individually as well as together:

The thumbThe wiresThe buttonsThe towersThe palm
Azeron Thumbstick.png
Azeron Wires.png
Azeron Buttons.png
Azeron Fingers.png
Azeron Main Body.png

Not only it fits quite well with the theme, with red and yellow for the heat of stars, explosions and energy of the cosmos with a mostly black body for the vacuum of space, I'm also quite confident with the aesthetics of the design both with the parts individually and when everything is put together.

I'm GG, from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

I just returned from being discharged from the hospital today after being admitted for the first time in my life a few days ago only to find out that the giveaway had already started for a while.
I couldn't really join the giveaway or use the internet very well from the hospital since the signal wasn't too strong there and I had to use it on my phone.

I've been unemployed for a while, but I've been writing quite a bit since then and started to consider myself a writer.
I've been working on a fantasy novel for the past few years already and hope to finish it as soon as I can.

I'm a very old gamer, older than the internet (god that makes me feel ancient xD) having started playing since I was 3 years old, with games like Earthworm Jim, Sonic, Mario and Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares (though I didn't understand anything on that last one until I was much older).
Nowadays I play games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2 and over hundreds of other games, specially League of Legends (since Season 2)

Since I'm unemployed and considering the converted price of an Azeron keypad, I definitely won't ever be able to buy it myself unless I get it as a reward or gift somehow.

I promise that if I win, I'll do an unboxing on my YouTube channel and share it here so that everyone can see it and see me test it.
(I don't really consider myself famous but I do have a few thousand followers)

I really hope you guys like my design, since I worked really, really hard on it.

I guess that's it.
Good Game, everyone.


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Apr 20, 2022
This is the Cosmic Nebula model!
If I win the giveaway, I promise to make a video promoting this amazing model on youtube and instagram!

Good luck everyone and let's create in the cosmos and make cosmic Azeron

Azeron Finalizado.png
Azeron Finalizado - Perfil.png
Azeron Finalizado - Frontal.png
Azeron Finalizado - Top.png
Azeron Finalizado - baixo.png


  • Azeron Finalizado.png
    Azeron Finalizado.png
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Apr 28, 2022
Inspired by the greatest fictional character to ever explore the Cosmos, Data from the USS Enterprise!
The first three cables are supposed to match his rank, Lieutenant Commander. (Black surrouned by gold and two gold pins.
The thumbstick is supposed to resemble the badge, gold (yellow) background with silver (white) on top.
Yellow and black keycaps to represent his uniform and grey for his fantastic skin.

I know it's not super Cosmos themed, I went through three different designs before settling on this one but hopefully it works out alright!
Love the palm rest this month! Good luck to everyone!




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May 9, 2022
BC, Canada
Inspired by Hubble Telescope photos from deep space, I call this color scheme "Nebula" - I bet it would look *stellar* with the cosmic palm rest. ;)

I have used a left hand gaming keypad for years. The company discontinued it and I've been devastated since mine quit and I'm back to using a keyboard. As soon as I saw your device I knew it would be a game changer! Super excited for the draw! :D



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Apr 12, 2022
Win a custom Azeron keypad designed by yourself! The winner will be chosen randomly!

Firstly, thank you to all the April contestants. 135 custom-designed keypads participated in GW! And we are happy to announce that the winner of our March Giveaway is Val!

Once a month the Azeron team will provide a custom palmrest for the Azeron Giveaway. Get inspired by the palmrest and design your dream keypad in the Azeron 3D customizer. Then make a post with a screenshot of your designed keypad and the Azeron 3D customizer link to your design.

The winner will be chosen randomly!

The Azeron May Giveaway will conclude on the 17th of May (23:59 EEST).

Be sure to read the rules of the Azeron Giveaway before entering the contest. Please post only your designs in this topic. Navigate to this theme to discuss the Azeron Giveaway.

The theme of this month is “COSMIC”. The palmrest is curved and compatible with the keypad for the left hand.

Good luck everyone!

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here’s my spin on it.


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May 10, 2022
Here is my take that I think will look awesome with the "Cosmic" palm-rest, I might finally be able to retire my aging but trusty G13.

I've got with alternating Galaxy Purple and Black for the towers, Galaxy Purple and Glow-in-the-Dark for the buttons, more Glow-in-the-Dark for palmrest elevation and "GALACTIC" nameplate along with Copper to accentuate the leads, topped off with UV for the LEDs. I hope it looks as good in reality as it does in the customiser.

Azeron Giveaway Entry - 'Cosmic' - May 2022.png

Customiser Link
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