Read before posting: Azeron Giveaway ❗ Rules ❗ [UPDATED]

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Jun 8, 2021

Design your unique Azeron keypad. The winner will be chosen randomly!​

  • You have to register on the Azeron Forums to participate in the contest. You can do that by clicking here;
  • each month the Azeron team will choose a theme for the current Giveaway, provide a custom palmrest and make a pinned post in the Giveaway section of the Azeron Forums;
  • based on the custom palmrest by the Azeron team you have to design your keypad in the Azeron 3D customizer using only the colors that are available in the 3D customizer. Photo editing of any kind is strictly prohibited and will result in your immediate disqualification from the contest;
  • make a post in the current Giveaway topic with your keypad design snip (screenshot, 2048 KB max) and the 3D customizer link:
    • log in and go to the current Giveaway topic;
    • locate the message window;
    • choose Insert image:

    • choose your screenshot for the upload;
    • paste the 3D customizer link (from the address bar) for your design in the same post:


    • as a result, your post must look like this:


    • press Post reply:

      Screenshot 2022-02-18 111806.jpg
  • you absolutely need to provide the 3D customizer web link to your keypad in your post. This link is required to manufacture the keypad. Please contact the Azeron staff (Savva, Sandis) should you face any technical difficulties;
  • provided 3D customizer link must tie in with your screenshot, otherwise, the post will be disqualified;
  • you can post only one custom-designed keypad when participating in the Giveaway. We will only accept your first design;
  • feel free to share your design on social media;
  • the winner will receive a keypad with their design and the custom palmrest presented in the current Giveaway’s topic. The Azeron team will create the winner’s keypad using a 3D customizer link that was posted with the design.
Other Dos and Don'ts:
  • you have to agree to Azeron Terms of service;
  • you must be at least 18 years old to participate;
  • you must be from where we can ship to (check our Shipping Policy);
  • post only your designs in the current Giveaway contest topic;
  • do not create fake accounts in the Azeron Giveaway contest - the participant will be banned and the post deleted;
  • participants from international sanction and fraud listings active in the European Union are not eligible to participate;
  • you must be reachable on the Azeron Forums or via email for us to contact you in case you win;
  • participants who will edit/change their posts will be disqualified from the current Giveaway. Should you face any difficulties regarding your post feel free to contact Azeron staff (Savva, Sandis) ;
  • copying and pasting other members’ keypad designs from the existing ones is strictly prohibited when participating in the contest;
  • you will need to provide your full name, address, and phone number for shipping purposes if you are the winner;
  • only Azeron keypads can be won, cash prizes are not possible;
  • we will cover all shipping costs, customs, and duty fees for the winner;
  • we reserve the right to cancel this Giveaway at any time for any reason;
  • Giveaway is powered worldwide by Azeron SIA.
We’ve always been loyal to our incredible community. We promise that all your data will be stored safely and will only be used for AZERON SIA marketing purposes. We don’t sell your data. Not even for a lot of money.

The less interesting stuff:
  • the Winner of each month will be announced and contacted personally via direct message in the Azeron Forums and email;
  • if the contest winner isn’t reachable or doesn’t respond by DM & email within 48 hours of us contacting them, we’ll choose another winner;
  • the theme of the Giveaway contest will be announced in the Forums and our social media!
Good luck, community!

Team Azeron
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