1. G

    Cyro firmware update fails

    Trying to update the firmware for my Cyro & it fails every single time. Are there diagnostics or logs I can send to help t-shoot this issue? Thank you in advance for your time & efforts.
  2. L

    I downloaded Azeron Software v1.2.5 BETA and it bricked my device.

    How can I downgrade or rollback my firmware as now my Cyborg seems to be useless.
  3. L

    How to check my Azeron Cyborg Firmware?

    I just received my Xim Matrix but my Azeron Cyborg is not working at all when connected. How can I check my Firmware. Don't know if this information matters but my Cyborg does not have the reset button and is running on rewasd.
  4. B

    Blank select device issue since what seems to be the latest update on software (1.2.4) and firmware (Cyborg v76).

    I have Cyborg w/ a black chip and no rest, since this latest round of updated software, it no longer responds. In the software, it goes through the connecting phase only to tell me to select my controller and show no options to select. I have wiped and reinstalled the software, and tried with...
  5. Savva

    How to manually install firmware on Azeron new board

    Follow this guide to manually install firmware on Azeron new board. Use this guide only if the Azeron tech support advises you to manually install the firmware. Do not attempt the procedure just for fun. Download STM32CubeProgrammer here: Download the Azeron Software...