Will they keypad and firmware ever be able to distinguish between right and left shift/ctrl/alt keypresses?


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Dec 24, 2021
I like my keypad but this has been bothering me since I realized that's how it is. Is this something that can be achieved with an update or is this just how it is forever?
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Dec 29, 2021
I've just hit this issue. A significant number of more complex games (in this particular case, Star Citizen, for on-foot gameplay) definitely require the ability to distinguish between left/right shift/alt/ctrl.

Now this can be worked around to some degree by changing the keyboard bindings in-game so as to avoid all the alt/shift/ctrl keys but that's 6 keys you're losing and it's an awful lot of effort (you have to avoid clashes with other game commands and if it does then you have to change those other commands' keyboard bindings and as I said, you've got 6 less possible key choices) when the ability to distinguish between the left and right versions of those keys is baked into Windows.

My use-case was to have two OB profiles with some overlap between the profiles (a 'general' profile and a 'combat' profile) that I could quickly switch between. With this limitation it's not really possible without some 'work-around' effort.

Luckily with the mini-stick I personally don't need WASD so that's four keys I can re-purpose in my current use-case but still, I suspect it's functionality that would be expected and I think would be very much appreciated by people who play games with a more involved keyboard binding.