Meet Cyborg Compact (VIDEO)


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Jun 8, 2021
You asked for it, we did it!

Azeron introduces Cyborg Compact - the lighter version of the Azeron Cyborg that raises the bar in gaming with unparalleled adjustability and exceptional comfort.

The new version of the beast has the same number of keys as the original Cyborg (24 or 29), but a shorter length of towers. Cyborg Compact swapped the option to adjust the top towers for a more compact keypad form!

Top features:

🎮 Alternate layout of the top buttons
🎮 Compact size with the versatility of the Cyborg
🎮 Highly adjustable comfort for long gaming sessions
🎮 Advanced thumbstick module (2 versions are available)
🎮 Mirrored option for lefties
🎮 Nameplate up to 8 characters
🎮 And much more!

No pre-orders - it’s already available on the Azeron store!

🔥Upgrade with THIS BEAST and enjoy your games like never before!