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Jun 8, 2021
Manual & Quick Guide & recent Azeron software + firmware

Guide: Cleanly reset Azeron software

Guide: Azeron first time setup and 360 movement guide

Guide: How to change palmrest

List: Games that support simultaneous input (controller + mouse = analog movement is possible):

Guide: Blind test to set up the angle of the thumbstick

Template: Azeron keybinds & mouse

Overview: Keypad dimensions

Overview: Circuit layout

Guide: Azeron thumbstick tower replacement

Guide: How to change switches

Guide: How to setup Azeron Keypad with reWASD

Additional perks of reWASD:
  • hide (mute) different devices, so there is no issue with switching between two inputs;
  • a powerful combo editor — the feature to create various macros;
  • mapping actions to different activators (like Long Press, Double Press), shortcuts of buttons;
  • Shift mode — the ability to add up to 4 different layouts that are activated when a chosen button is pressed and held or toggled
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