Azeron March Giveaway designs (concluded)

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Jun 8, 2021

Introducing our NEW Azeron Giveaway contest. Win a custom Azeron keypad designed by yourself! 🎮

Once a month the Azeron team will provide a custom palmrest for the Azeron Giveaway. Get inspired by the palmrest and design your dream keypad in the Azeron 3D customizer. Then make a post with a screenshot of your designed keypad and the Azeron 3D customizer link to your design.

Other Azeron Forums members can vote for their favourite designs by leaving "Likes". A participant with the most number of "Likes" will be announced as a winner and will receive his/her keypad.

❗ Be sure to read the rules of the Azeron Giveaway before entering the contest. Please post only your designs in this topic, navigate to this theme to discuss the Azeron Giveaway. ❗

As we love to make history with our products and improve the gaming experience, we named this month's Giveaway - "Antique". The palmrest is curved and compatible with the keypad for the left hand.​


Good luck and let the coolest design win! 🏆

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