Azeron February Giveaway (concluded)

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Jun 8, 2021
The Azeron February Giveaway has arrived!

Firstly, thank you to all the January contestants. And we are happy to announce that the winner of our January Giveaway is j***3@g***.com (joined the competition on 2023-01-31)

To participate, enter your email address each month on the Giveaway page.

Remember to check the inbox at the end of the month because you can be the winner. If the contest winner isn’t reachable or doesn’t respond by email within 48 hours of us contacting them, we’ll choose another person.

As we love to see custom keypad designs from our community, this month we decided to design and make a keypad from 2 unique colours that aren't available on our store - green metallic & ivory.

Join the February Giveaway:
Not open for further replies.