Azeron classic Keypad


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Mar 11, 2023
So I recently got the Cyro, but i have the azeron classic already. I wanted to use them both at the same time. Now i got the classic when they were using the reWASD for programming and the Cyro is using the Azeron Software. The Azeron software doesnt want to work with my cyro and now my Classic keypad does not stay connected. I uninstalled Azeron software and uninstalled and installed reWASD again and even went as far as trying to reset the firmware for the classic keypad but since it wont stay connected i cant even do that. I know this is long post but has anyone had this issue? or something similar?

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Nov 5, 2021
For Azeron software to see keypads, you`ll need to end task on rewasd and possibly also end task on rewasdservices.
If you unplug the Cyro, does classic only stay connected for 10 seconds?
You should still be able to reset it manually via teensy.exe