Top Tower Keys mod


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Dec 27, 2022

As i said in my feedback and suggestions about it, here, I was reflected about how to make the top tower keys usable the way i wanted to use them : with the tops of my fingers not with the tips.

And i find a -not-so-hard- way to do it without the need of 3D printer :
Do this, should not be too much complicated :
  • Add more degres of movement to the top tower (by removing some matter where the movement is limited),
  • Do 2 new holes to invert keys position (so 4 holes in total, which 2 are always unused),
  • lengthen the grooves where the wires go throught.
New holes for switching the keys at 180°

And i tested it successfully on my pinkie top tower, it took me few hours to do it, and still the 3 other to do !


First step, unscrew, take picture of wires management :


Second step, unscrew left key tower, unsolder top tower switch and left tower switch :


Third step, remove all wires and switches, drill the new hole position and flip the top tower switch at 180°

By removing all wires and switch it's easier to work on differents parts.

I used a caliper to take differents measures and determine enough precisely where should be the new hole for the key to hit the switch to the right place. I first measure distance between the actuator of the switch and the hole of the screw, then fliped the switch at 180° and report the measure on the other side.

I drilled manualy to avoid messing, and start with a 1mm hole, then 1.8mm then 2mm. I drilled the part where the head of the screw will be, so the bigest hole. Dont drill with 2 mm on the other side, you wont let you enough material to be able to screw your screw. For the other part i only drilled at 1.6mm.
I also remove the material where the key will be.


Fourth step, test the switch with the key, enlarge grooves for wires and remove material to the top tower :

By try and error i set the position of where i wanted my switch be activated. I had to use removed material from top tower because i lacked material on the key. I used my solder pen to do this.

Then i used a cylindrical turning cutter (from jewellry stuff) of Ø2mm to enlarge the grooves on the ball joint of the top tower in the 2 holes (maybe 1 or 2mm max) and on the holder part of the tower (1 or 2 mm max).

I also remove material on the top tower corner to increase range of motion from the top tower down, i made a tiny slot on the ball joint part, and juste remove about 1mm on the corner of the other part.


Fifth step, reassembly and solder the 2 switches :

I double checked that the wires were not shears by the grooves.

View attachment 20240513_002313.jpg

Better view of the modification :


And the other 3 top tower waiting their turn :


Few hours to do it carrefully but the result is here :D

Have a nice day !

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