Thumbstick dead on arrival ?


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Jan 14, 2022
Just received my Azeron Classic today. Installed the software, plugged in the pad, did the firmupdate it was asking for and set um the buttons to my needs. Also calibrated the thumbstick.

But first time log into a game ( New World ) the char immetly started running. Still had the Azeron software open on the 2nd monitor and noted that the thumb stick was acting up. It permantly triggers the forward ( or W ) direction. Try to calibrate again and to change the thumbstick mode but the issue stays.

Unplugged the pad´s USB cable and it resets. But the problem reappears within a minute.

Am I doing something wrong or is the thumbstick defect ?

Edit: Picture added. This is how the thumbstick acts permantly. The thumbstick point moves but only in a 1/4 radius around the circle.


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