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May 20, 2023
Dear members i will be a proud owner of an azeron cyborg keypad , as a new owner , of this amzing product i want to learn a bit more what is coming for me , so i will state some info so i will be get the correct infon i need . i will use that masterpiece with a xim apex on my ps5 , also im seing ther latest update v77 i see there that the latest firmware applus only if ther board is TEENSY how can i know what board my azeron cyborg has .... secondly i will like to know if is any guide video of azeron cyborg with xim apex .....

any tips will be highly appreciated ..,..

p.s im seeing in yt allot users changing the thumb to metallic one but i see in the official web page the metallic thumb is not for sale only if u choose it when u ordering it , unfortantely my azeron keypad was a gift and uit was not selected that option, so i would like tio know where i can get a metallic thumb the azeron adds to the keypads if u choose that option when u buying it .ty in advance im looking forward for some info ......

sorry for m,y english im greek and my english is not perfect

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Nov 5, 2021
The best way to see what board is installed is unscrewing the palm rest. If it`s a recent keypad, it will have the black board installed.
Regardless of the board type, both boards work the same way, so it doesn't matter.

We currently don't have a video guide of setting up the Azeron wtih XIM. What issues are you having with it ?

As for the metal stick, I guess you refer to elite v2 stick. You can email us on for the instructions on how to purchase it.