Little history with the Cyro

Hello Community,
I would like to share a little story. It happened at the end of 2022 that a friend approached me about Azeron. He knew that I was using an Azeron (a Cyborg to be exact). He lives in a kind of community house and he was looking for a Christmas present for one of the housemates, because they wanted to give each other something. A draw was made to see who would give who a gift, and he was given a die-hard gamer. But now comes the thing why he approached me about Azeron. The person he wanted to give a gift to had a stroke a few years ago and was paralyzed on the right side. After his stroke he helped himself out with a mouse, which has many thumb buttons, but of course it was never ideal. I had told him about one-handed gaming, which was still in the planning stages at the time, and was to let him know when the devices were for sale. He accordingly ordered a left-handed device as soon as they were available. I asked about it yesterday and he told me that the device arrived in March and made a larger amount of games playable again for the roommate.
For this reason, I want to say thank you again for your work.

With best regards Romanoff
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