Custom USB cable mod (by Cardiac)


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Jun 8, 2021
Created by Community Moderator Cardiac

As you can see below, you can add your own customized cable. The end that plugs into the Azeron is a Mini-USB-B ending, and the end that goes into your pc is the regular USB-A ending. You can see the connector in the second image below. In the third image you can see it just plugs into the board, no soldering is needed. To be able to remove and attach a new cable though, you need to remove the little support beam held down with 2 screws, and you also need to lift up the surrounding "wall" of the frame from the Azeron to be able to slip the USB cable out and back in through the frame. For this, just loosen the 4 screws that secure the outer wall of the Azeron to be able to lift it up a bit and get the cable ending through.

If you want to create your own cable from scratch, I'd recommend going to ZAP! Cables for DIY material. I did that and it was fun, but it will require you to solder USB connectors which can be messy.

If you want to have someone make the cable for you, you can check on Dream Cables or Space Cables to request custom cables to be made for you.

custom USB 1.jpg
custom USB 2.jpg
custom USB 3.jpg


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Nov 14, 2021
Ok I have a question , I want to order a custom cable to match my colors when I get my Cyborg. will a custom cable with the mini usb they use fit in the socket? I know the classic has a pretty specific size of cable ending that fits pretty tight in there. I see from the photos that you are going directly to the board inside the frame, is that necessary? my classic socket is flush in the socket and I would think it would plug in without opening the frame. Only question would maybe be a little loose in the socket. I don't know. thoughts?