Azeron Software's Suggestions for Improvements when Using Cyborg and Cyro Together


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Nov 6, 2022
Software Version:1.2.1
Cyborg Firmware Version:74a
Cyro Firmware Version:84b

I received Cyro 3 days ago.
This may be a problem only in my environment, but I would like to report the current situation when using Cyborg and Cyro together.
In my environment, it is not possible to use Cyro as software profile and Cyborg as onboard profile.

If you use a software profile when using Cyro and Cyborg together, they will share a single profile.
Editing the keymap in Cyro will also change the keymap in Cyborg and vice versa.
This causes the following
Cyborg buttons have a total of 30 keys from #1-#20,#22-#24,#28-#31,#36-#38 (analog sticks count as one button)
The Cyro buttons have a total of 23 keys from #1-#12,#14-#17,#20,#22,#24,#28-#31 (analog sticks count as one button, scroll wheel is not included in the count)
Of these buttons, there are 23 keys that overlap between Cyro and Cyborg: #1-#12,#14-#17,#20,#22,#24,#28-#31, which means that most keys on Cyro and Cyborg have the same role.
In other words, although Cyro and Cyborg have a total of 53 keys (30+23), 23 of them are duplicates.
In the end, only 30 keys can be set.

The current solution is to use onboard profiles for both Cyborg and Cyro.
For the onboard profiles for Cyborg and Cyro, have a profile for Cyborg and a profile for Cyro.
The number of profiles that can be stored in the onboard profiles is 2 for Cyborg and 6 for Cyro.
Most people find this is not enough, so they are forced to use software profiles.
You will then need to have a profile for Cyborg and a profile for Cyro for a single game.
Then, for each game, we need to run Azeron Software and load it into the onboard profile.
This does not seem user-friendly.

I understand that Azeron Software is in beta and therefore not yet complete.
While both Cyborg and Cyro are very impressive in terms of hardware, they do not seem to be able to fully realize their full potential in terms of software.
As suggestions for future improvements, we would like to
Separate software profiles for Cyro and Cyborg (including compact and classic) so that they can be used with software profiles.
Simply not duplicating key numbers on each device may also solve the problem.
Currently, it is not possible to change the keymap for Cyborg and Cyro at the same time.
So, make it possible to edit all devices recognized by the PC at once.
Hopefully, instead of switching profiles manually, it should be able to recognize the running software and switch automatically.
Profile names are short (15 characters), so make it possible to enter longer names.
Temporarily display the profile name on the screen when the profile is switched so that the user can see which profile is being used.

We hope this will help in future development.
Please forgive me if my suggestions are out of line.

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Loss Mentality

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Apr 7, 2023
I too would like to see the changes KPSTL describes. The cyborg and cyro are excellent devices, and the configuration provided by the Azeron app is already better than what I've seen from other vendors in the past for peripheral control.

In my experience, it lacks only in two areas: the features KPSTL describes, and comprehensive scripting support (e.g., the sort of thing Thrustmaster has for its Warthog HOTAS). The latter is pretty niche, though, and time-consuming to implement, so just moving the app in the direction of KPSTL's feature requests would make the Azeron app one of the best on the market, hands down.