Azeron Software v1.5.1


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Jun 8, 2021
New features:

• The first community-voted feature is here! Try automatic software profile switching now!
• Added default linked profile for automatic software profile switching.
• Reworked analog joystick logic.
• Analog joystick calibration now works with restrictor rings.
• Added Windows system tray icon with additional functionality.
• Software profiles now include a context menu.
• Profile list size can now be adjusted.
• Single profile export/import tool.
• Added a button for turning off analog stick logging (off by default).
• 3 new themes. • Mouse scroll wheel functionality for analog stick.
• Analog throttle. • Added global angle settings for the thumbstick.
• Added thumbstick deadzone representation.

Bug fixes:

• Fixed sleep issues where the device was not waking up correctly.
• Fixed an issue where the macro would not release keys after the button was released.
• Fixed an issue where clear button did not reset long, double button types.
• Fixed an issue where sometimes software buttons with hold and other types weren't working.
• Fixed throttle message bug, where settings were not saved in some cases.
• Fixed in issue were Cyro scroll wheel was not working in Software mode.

Cyro specific features:

• 6 profiles.
• RGB lights.
• 8 Directional thumbstick cones.
• Added joystick as a mouse functionality.
• Fixed Cyro on-board memory binding issue.

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Full patch note history can be viewed here: Update History.

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