Adjustment Rail/Tower assist Mod


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Sep 20, 2022
Anyone thought of putting ridged markings underneath the tower/ rails (where the screws are)? This would help to see that when you are making adjustments to length etc that the tower/rails are where you wanted them set before tightening the screws.

I find the rails move around and can shift from the position I want them at, it was not always easy to tell if they have stayed in the correct place I set them at until after I tighten the screws and then check them again with my hand in place.

Ridges would give a visual reference point so you could tell straight away if the rails/towers have moved, and also allow for easy minor adjustments having a reference point to work from, e.g. if the length was at 'ridge one' and it was too short you can try the next ridge up to lengthen it, and can tell immediately it was in the place you wanted to try, or if it had slipped before you had tightened it up.

I appreciate that you would probable only do this at the initial set up, but it could save a bit of time when you are trying to get the right positions for your fingers, or wanting to make minor adjustments later.

Any thoughts/ is this fessable?
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