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    the Cyborg and handicaped

    No problen, my Azeron is on the way and I would be glad to provide feedback as I really think that this gamepad will help others like me.
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    Accessory for those with limited fine motor skills

    Hi EeDubYell, what kind of accessory did you have in mind? Maybe a detailed description or a drawing might help.
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    I ordered the Compact.....possible order change question

    WOW, this is FANTASTIC news!
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    the Cyborg and handicaped

    I suffer with dupuytren’s contracture which means that my little fingers on both left and right hand are constricted, particularly my left hand and the Azeron keypads are exactly what I was looking for because I cannot place my hand flat on the keyboard anymore. :) I specifically ordered an...
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    BattleField 2042

    I have ordered an Azeron Compact especially to play Battlefield 2042, SO excited for it to arrive!
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    More news about #conceptCheddar🧀 (VIDEO)

    This looks really cool, seems especially very suited to VR games.
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    Azeron April Giveaway (concluded)