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    Repair policy

    Any purchases made from non-EU countries get a 1-year warranty. If something starts to fail in that 1-year warranty, you just email us at, and our tech support will help you with the instructions on how to fix the problem, send you spare parts, or we will organize shipping for it...
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    Expected delivery date for UK?

    Please send us your order number at so we could tell you your order status and the estimated time we will ship it out. And it does not matter in which country you live, just your place in the queue.
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    How long will the 20% off last?

    If you want to know when another sale will start I suggest you subscribe to our newsletter here at the bottom of the page. That way you will always be up to date with the latest news and information about sales.
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    United Kingdom

    If it is not worth more than £135, you should not pay import tax.
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    New Owner

    Do you want to change the owner or do you need this answer for another situation? The answer depends on the situation.
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    Could you please send us photos at so we can understand your situation better? We need to know which wires did you break. Our tech support will guide you through the process.
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    Teensy 4.1

    We have plans to migrate to a custom board.
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    More than one Azeron controller at once?

    You can use two Azerons at the same time, but for that, you will need a third-party app called ReWASD, that will convert keypads into one virtual controller.
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    New Owner

    In order to answer this question correctly, it is necessary to specify the purpose for which the confirmation email is intended.
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    Customer service.

    Sorry, looks like there has been a technical issue. We fixed it. Please try again using the form or email us at
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    Customer service.

    We reply to emails. Did you send it to ? I send you a private message.
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    I'm having trouble joining discord - Unable to accept invite

    Are you using Discord on a browser or the app itself?
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    I'm having trouble joining discord - Unable to accept invite

    Could you please try THIS link and let me know if you were able to join?
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    United Kingdom

    Everyone living in the UK has been charged Customs Duty on all goods sent from outside the UK (or the UK and the EU if you’re in Northern Ireland) if they’re either: - excise goods - worth more than £135 Some of our customers receive the bill before shipping, some after.
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    Stl files?

    STL files are not handed out. If you need anything replaced, please email