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    Azeron June Giveaway (concluded)
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    "Random" winner for giveaway

    Why does it matter what it is called? I personally think this is the better way, whatever you want to call it.
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    Setup for Final Fantasy 14

    I play FF14 on the PS4, but this setup would work on PC. I was able to align hotbars in a pattern of the available buttons. (Using a Compact)
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    Azeron May Giveaway (concluded)

    I'd fly around in this Cosmic Crusier...
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    Would this work well as an adaptive controler for my disabled brother?

    If he set keybinds on the fingers to WASD, he could remove need for the thumb stick for movement. It would not be analog, but would be functional.
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    More options for smol hands?

    My hand is just under 15 cm, and I got one with the flat palmrest. While I have not tested it extensively yet, I have no problem reaching and of the buttons.