Alpha test version of the Azeron Software v1.2.3 is here!


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Jun 8, 2021

We're excited to announce improved console support with our latest update. Now, games that support keyboard and mouse on consoles will work with appropriate profiles (details below).

We've also fixed some edge cases where profile import wasn't working correctly and our team is continuing to work on identifying and resolving more issues with profile imports.

Visit our Discord for more info.

Please read this before you install!

When configuring profiles for consoles, please make sure to use keybinds that are only for keyboard and mouse inputs. Thank you for your continued support!

Known issues
  • Please note that there is an issue with reWASD not working with this version (the latest current), but they are actively working on a fix and will ship it out in the next update.
  • Additionally, profile switching may introduce unexpected behavior and bugs.
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