1. C

    Problems with reWASD and Firmware v70

    Hi, I just flashed the newest fimware v70 into my Cyborg coming from v57. Additionally I installed the latest version of the Azeron software to configure my device. After calibration I tried to use reWASD as before the update but I ran into big trouble with the new version. First I had problems...
  2. B

    New owner. Need help calibrating thumb stick to work with restrictor ring using rewasd software.

    Hello, I just received the new cyborg keypad but have not been able to find any tutorial videos on how to calibrate the thumb stick to work with the restrictor ring using rewasd software. I have found videos using the old software but my cyborg is not compatible with the old software. Any help...
  3. Savva

    reWASD + Azeron beginning steps guide

    Follow this simple guide to set up your Azeron keypad with the reWASD mapper. More reWASD + Azeron guides here: