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  1. Gimpenstein

    Joystick glitch/stuck issues

    Aaand that was so much easier than I'd expected. I think the ground was pinched at the rubber shielding, but it appears to be fixed. I'll post again if it persists (after double checking to make sure I didn't make the same mistake lol)
  2. Gimpenstein

    Joystick glitch/stuck issues

    Literally fighting tears, both because I'll need to do some work, but also because *I* can actually do the work (i.e. not have to send this in for a simple issue). I wish every tech company was like Azeron :love:
  3. Gimpenstein

    Joystick glitch/stuck issues

    So, I've had my cyborg for a few months (got it from Amazon) and I've been having a blast with it. But recently, I'll get this weird glitch where the joystick sticks in a down/right position and the alternate joystick (buttons #22, 28-31) stops working entirely (no recognition of button pressing...
  4. Gimpenstein

    My World of Warcraft Binds

    Is it the glitch where when you run then click your mouse cam it randomly shifts your mouse to a new location, like it's recentering your camera? Because this is the issue I'm running into now. I think it's a wow thing, but not sure. I've been kind of switching back and forth depending on how...
  5. Gimpenstein

    My World of Warcraft Binds

    I ordered mine on Tuesday, and it was delivered today. Spent the last few hours configuring and tweaking it to fit my hands just right. Granted, I ordered from Amazon because I would've customized mine to look similar to the "stock" green and I'm state side so I didn't want to wait. My only...
  6. Gimpenstein

    Alternate ordering

    I'd wondered about this myself. Mostly because I could use different materials that wouldn't be offered otherwise (flexibles, PETG, or even metals if someone has a metal printer). Wouldn't have the same warranty, of course. I wonder how difficult the kits would be to make, and if it would...
  7. Gimpenstein

    Elite v2 thumbstick

    Well, on the bright side I just picked up another class for the Spring semester. One more and I'll definitely have the cash to get a custom rig :D
  8. Gimpenstein

    Elite v2 thumbstick

    Can I use Amazon Pay on the website? If I can, then I think I can swing the funds to buy one! It's not listed as one of the payment options on the website, so I don't think it is. I've been considering buying one on Amazon, but I have 24cm hands and I get the feeling I won't like the smaller...
  9. Gimpenstein

    Azeron December Giveaway (concluded)

    3D Customizer
  10. Gimpenstein

    Keypad Idea

    I have that model and it's kinda depressing. The keys are a fake mechanical (like a clicky squid). Number 8 popped off and the metal tab vanished so now it doesn't click like the rest. It's not bad, but it's not that great either. The mouse wheel is positioned in a place that makes it...
  11. Gimpenstein

    Metal Replacements?? Please!!

    Maybe it might be remedied by bolting on a metal ring instead of printing the plastic ring? I'm meaning this in production, but I guess as an aftermarket quick fix would work, but would take some DIY craftiness... Or, printing with ABS? I've been printing with TPU lately, and while it's a...
  12. Gimpenstein

    Multiple Azeron devices simultaneously.

    I'd been wondering what could be done with dual mouse pointers, or at least, using both inputs for separate controls (similar to how dual joysticks get used for movement and aiming), not that I would use one for movement, but I do like the idea of using both inputs for modeling or creating new...
  13. Gimpenstein

    A New Keyboard Idea? (possible software mod)

    This makes me happy 😁
  14. Gimpenstein

    I want to 3d print my own mods

    I was wondering how well TPU would work. While it's a flexible, it's pretty sturdy stuff. If you print using a near 100% infill, it's not as flexible as you would think, and the layer adhesion is pretty amazing. I've tried to tear apart TPU temp towers in the past (I tend to break my first temp...
  15. Gimpenstein

    Move, look around, aim, shoot, cast spells, etc. with one hand! 🧀

    This is exciting! It's like you're developing the controllers and mice I've always wanted! Though, I think I'm gonna put on even more weight, since I'll have a free hand for eating...
  16. Gimpenstein

    A New Keyboard Idea? (possible software mod)

    Hey all, So I've been glued to this website since I found the Cyborg by accident on Amazon. The more I read, the more I want one of these for my own. While I don't have one yet, I certainly plan on getting one as soon as I can afford it! As a keyboard enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for...
  17. Gimpenstein

    mmo player

    As an avid MMO gamer (too many to list!), I really want to get a Cyborg. I'm currently waiting on finding out if I'm getting extra work over the Spring to see if I can scrape the extra cash up to get one. Between my wife's cancer treatments and all of the supplies needed to take care of the...
  18. Gimpenstein

    Azeron November Giveaway (concluded)

    Azeron 3D Customizer