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    Grip Tape template ... for a leftie cyborg

    Does anyone have a template/pattern for grip tape for a Cyborg? Azeron doesn't create a grip tape for a leftie unit and I find I'm beginning to wear through hte palm rest surface of my Cyborg. As such, I'm going to have to cut one for myself. Can anyone assist?
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    Twiget's Cyborg Mods

    Any chance you could share the STL? I'd love to print these in resin to see how they go.
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    More news about #conceptCheddar🧀 (VIDEO)

    Nice. Only just ordered a Cyborg, so I doubt I'd be in the market now, but this would have been a worthy replacement for my current keypad.
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    Ordered a Stock Yellow Cyborg!

    I'm pretty excited. I ordered a stock yellow Cyborg and have been checking the order status every day. I know it said when I ordered April/May, but roughly what is the delay of stock colour orders? Apologies. Too excited. I can't wait to replace my tired old keypad.