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  1. Im this guy

    Xbox 360 Joystick mode not working

    Did you restart the PC and unplugged / plugged Azeron ? You might have to go through a clean reset - If you set joystick to xbox360, does it get recognised on ?
  2. Im this guy

    Using XIM and can’t get analog stick to work

    Click on the thumbstick setting and change it to Analog.
  3. Im this guy

    Metal Replacements?? Please!!

    We still print them on PLA, but have changed some settings. So far it`s been very good for and haven't had any brokes ones for a while.
  4. Im this guy

    Worked once now only lights up

    Solved. Bad usb cable.
  5. Im this guy

    Using XIM and can’t get analog stick to work

    For use with XIM you will have to set the thumbstick to Analog mode. Do you use it on console or PC ? On the PC XIM is not required for 360 movement in mw2
  6. Im this guy

    One-Handed Controller Azeron Cyro Features

    We are working on the option to disable / enable the mouse function in the software. Worst case, just tape the sensor :)
  7. Im this guy

    One-Handed Controller Azeron Cyro Features

    With the strap it will fee less than the actual weight on it.
  8. Im this guy

    My World of Warcraft Binds

    So you can control your character speed with 360 movement?
  9. Im this guy

    Difference between "medium" and "large" size?

    You are sitting to low / the table is too high / keypad is too far. Try changing the position, I`m certain it will help
  10. Im this guy

    Button senstivity adjustment

    Try swapping the buttons. So take the same size button and replace for the button you have bound the movement on. I wonder on whether it`s something with how far the actuation point is. You can use some memory foam bumpers behind the buttons, to make it more resistant
  11. Im this guy

    Button senstivity adjustment

    Does it mean it`s not sensitive enough ?
  12. Im this guy

    use joystick disconnects mouse.

    Most likely the game doesn't support dual input and you will need to change the thumbstick to keyboard mode. The game most likely switches between controller and keyboard / mouse inputs What game is it ?
  13. Im this guy

    3d tilt anyone?

    I have seen few more options on Facebook Azeron page and in discord. Someone might have saved the info on them.
  14. Im this guy

    Windows isn't detecting the device

    You got any other controllers connected? Rewasd or similar app installed / running ? Is the usb fully plugged in ?( even with the LED lights on, double check that ) Does the device manager pick it up at all ?
  15. Im this guy

    Analog stick not repononding after i update soft and firmware

    wrong firmware by any chance ? Please describe the issue better
  16. Im this guy

    One-Handed Controller Azeron Cyro Features

    Customisation colors are not officialy confirmed yet, but you can wait for a month or two for the things to clear up
  17. Im this guy

    Multiple Azeron devices simultaneously.

    We are working on the feature in the software to allow multiple devices
  18. Im this guy

    Restrictor Ring Can't see any issues printing it yourself
  19. Im this guy

    Problems with reWASD and Firmware v70

    Thank you. Try re-flashing the firmware to v28 and then v70, or you can stick with v60 for now
  20. Im this guy

    Software download issue

    At what time were you roughly downloading it?