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    software v0.23.2 BETA issue - cannot find the keypad

    I have this same issue.
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    New Owner

    The email was to confirm payment for the Cyborg which has already been taken out of my bank account.
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    🔥#conceptCheddar is well underway 🧀 (Teaser 1)

    I have the Swiftpoint Z and do like automatic profile switching in their software. I found that resting my index finger on the fore and aft edge buttons, my middle finger for left click and ring finger for right click made it easier for me to lift off the mouse pad.
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    Swiftpoint Z mouse

    I've been using a Logitech G13 gamepad and the Swiftpoint Z mouse for two years and find the Swiftpoint Z to be a good compliment for FPS games.
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    New Owner

    Does a purchase conformation email qualify an individual as owner?