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  1. TWisTeD

    Towers keep getting loose

    I know Vibra-tite ( makes a light adhesive that is used to hold screws tight against vibration. It's not a one-and-done thing, you can undo the screws again later. In fact you apply it to the screws and wait 30+ minutes before fitting them, it never completely sets...
  2. TWisTeD

    Twiget's Cyborg Mods

    Here it is with 8mm knuckles and 20 degree tilt courtesy of @twiget's awesome 3D models. Would have preferred different colour for the knuckles but beggars can't be choosers when you're getting someone else to print them with what they had lying around. Did have to drill out the holes for the...
  3. TWisTeD

    Twiget's Cyborg Mods

    Hi @twiget, I have to agree with @Gobo, the holes on the 8mm knuckles do seem to be slightly smaller than those on the 11mm even when printed on the same printer with the same filament. Comparing them through MS Paint 3D (I don't have anything fancier) and you can see that the 8mm model has...
  4. TWisTeD

    Long Press commands

    Thanks @AZGUNS I finally had a chance to play with reWASD after some initial problems installing it and I'm quite happy with it. Going to pay the licence fee when the trial runs its course. Might even check out some of the advanced features though I don't think I'll need or use all of them.
  5. TWisTeD

    my sugestions

    I can't speak to the rest of your suggestions but Azeron IS working on a mouse currently called #conceptCheddar, I believe there will be a left-handed version when they finally release it.
  6. TWisTeD


    Are you uncertain as to how to enter the giveaway or are you having some other trouble? If you need to know how to enter the giveaway this link may help: Keep in mind that the...
  7. TWisTeD

    Is the analog joystick mappable or fixed?

    Hi Buckerz, Former G13 user here (though I used other software to map the stick as an analog stick rather than keyboard), You can map the Azeron sticks as XBox 360 analog stick, analog joystick, or keystroke (4 zones and you can set upper and lower deadzones along with the "up" angle (due to the...
  8. TWisTeD

    Long Press commands

    I did try configuring a second button on the Cyborg with a macro to do a long press but I think moving using the thumbstick interrupted the command. Whilst not moving it works fine, you can do either the momentary command or the long-press (by holding the button) and it's all OK, if I move or do...
  9. TWisTeD

    Long Press commands

    Does anyone else have the problem where any command set for a long-press (generally set in-game) doesn't register the long-press if you are using another command at the same time (movement for instance)? I've noticed it playing AC: Valhalla where the one button (Y for XBox controller, V for PC)...
  10. TWisTeD

    Transparent grip pads

    Just wondering if there is the possibility of getting translucent grip tape/pads as an optional extra in the future. I know that button ( and palmrest...
  11. TWisTeD

    Azeron August Giveaway (concluded)

    Azeron 3D Customizer link
  12. TWisTeD

    Set values for analog triggers mapped to buttons

    After taking the plunge and ordering my Cyborg I finally got the play with it I've come across a feature that I'd find useful: being able to set an equivalent input "value" for analog triggers mapped to the buttons. For instance mapping Buttons 14-17 as Right Trigger at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%...
  13. TWisTeD

    Alternate ordering

    I've just placed my order for a Cyborg Compact and I am eagerly looking forward to receiving it. I did have a thought about an alternate way of ordering that might be something to consider for the future. Given that some people have access to their own 3D printers, and modding/self-repair seems...
  14. TWisTeD

    🧀#conceptCheddar adjustment options

    Thank you, I wait with baited breath. This looks awesome.
  15. TWisTeD

    Azeron June Giveaway (concluded)

    Azeron 3D Customizer link
  16. TWisTeD

    🧀#conceptCheddar adjustment options

    Do you know what the grip angle is? Due to wrist damage I can't use a standard mouse and so I've used a Logitech's MX Vertical (57° angle) and an Evoluent Vertical mouse and just would like to know whether this is similarly tilted?
  17. TWisTeD

    Could anyone make a mod for the Cyborg that flips the overhanging paddles?

    I do like what you came up with for this Twiget. Surprised you didn't post a link. Here it is for Swift, Ramen, or anyone else interested.
  18. TWisTeD

    Cyborg but with Triggers

    Triggers or a couple of analog switches sound like a great idea to me, perhaps as an option like the 5-way switch on the thumbstick module. You might be able to make it so the inner towers for the index and middle fingers tilted or slid in-and-out like triggers I haven't played with the...
  19. TWisTeD

    🧀#conceptCheddar adjustment options

    Looks very interesting. How does the grip angle compare to something like the Logitech MX Vertical and is the angle adjustable?
  20. TWisTeD

    Azeron May Giveaway (concluded)

    Here is my take that I think will look awesome with the "Cosmic" palm-rest, I might finally be able to retire my aging but trusty G13. I've got with alternating Galaxy Purple and Black for the towers, Galaxy Purple and Glow-in-the-Dark for the buttons, more Glow-in-the-Dark for palmrest...