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  1. Gobo

    It didn't survive...

    13 days ago I ordered a Cyro and commented in a post that I intended to color match it with my custom designed Cyborg. The day after a fire started in my apartment and everything went up on flames, along with the Cyborg and a Compact that I didn't use any more. Guess I have to order a new one...
  2. Gobo

    I'm In...But

    Ordered one just a few days ago, with white buttons. My Cyborg is black with yellow keys and an orange thumbstick. I plan on masking off everything but the keys and thumbstick and then paint them using alcohol inks to match my Cyborg, then giving then a heavy coat to matte varnish before...
  3. Gobo

    Lefthand mouse user

    When you order an Azeron you can choose between a left and right hand option. No extra cost. :)
  4. Gobo

    Construction Simulator

    Construction Simulator 2022 released over on Steam yesterday and I've spent a little time fooling around witth it (aprox 8 hours so far). The game has controller support and while the control layout is fairly decent, the implementation is utter junk as the controls frequently refuse to do what...
  5. Gobo

    Dpad mod for MMO players.

    Don't know if this is of use to you, but if you have a 3D printer (or access to one through friends, library, etc) you can have this file printed: It is a collar you clamp around the thumbstich that limits your movement to 8 directions, allowing for...
  6. Gobo

    Twiget's Cyborg Mods

    "@Gobo I'm glad to hear they print well with a resin printer and they look great. How do you like the grip tape? Until recently I've never used it, but I've got some on my mouse and it's ok. Haven't gotten around to putting any on my Cyborg." I love it. I've used the Azeron Compact without...
  7. Gobo

    V Rising/League of legends keybinds for Cyborg

    First of all, about always hitting the wrong buttons... That's mainly caused by two things: - Unfamiliarity. Keep using it and the problem will soon fade. - Non-optimal ergonomics. Keep tweaking the keypad until it feels more natural. As for keybinds, I'm made myself a very simple template that...
  8. Gobo

    buttons sticking

    Yes, they may have been slightly overtightened during production. Just release the screews slightly and they aught to work perfectly. :)
  9. Gobo

    It looks cool, but

    Yes it does. This is a small privately owned business that make these from scratch. Have you seen how they are made? A person literally sit down with the 3D-printed parts and vires it all together, carefully assembling each piece, sanding things down with files where neccessary, spending hours...
  10. Gobo

    Keys Sticking

    Use the screwdriver and slightly loosen the screw holding the keys fast. Does that help?
  11. Gobo

    Deadzones for keyboard

    Thanks for your reply. ^_^ Do you know of an optimal setting for keyboard (WASD) that maximizes the overlap between two buttons, thus making it easier to walk diagonally?
  12. Gobo

    Export/Import single profile/keybind

    Not too difficult to do, but a little convoluted. First export the profiles you want to share. This will be saved as a JSON file. Open it up using Notepad or a similar text editor and you'll see the code (javascript or xml?) for the stored profiles. Each profile starts with a { and ends with a...
  13. Gobo

    MS Flight Simulator 2020

    Okay, this might be a weird one, but I just had to try to see if I could make it work. Check out the video to see the result. :)
  14. Gobo

    Deadzones for keyboard

    I love the Cyborg and has tested it with many different games now, and while keyboard mapping WASD to the analog stick works fantastically with games where you move around, it is less than optimal when trying to drive. I've noticed this in both Farming Simulator 22, Squad, Motor Town and a few...
  15. Gobo

    Lost Menu in the software

    This usually happens when the computer is unable to detect the Azeron controller. Unplug and reinsert the cable in both ends and you'll probably get things up and running again.
  16. Gobo

    Impatience ahaha

    The only thing I can think of is to send them an email and ask. Mention that at least two other forum members have confirmed that they ordered a few weeks AFTER you and one already have recieved the product and they other has shipped, and ask if you could get an update on your order. info [at]...
  17. Gobo


    I believe you can do it through reWASD.
  18. Gobo

    Twiget's Cyborg Mods

    I did exactly as planned and painted them yellow. I found that the "Moon Yellow" from my Vallejo acrylic paint set was close enough to the yellow prints, so I brushed on a few layers, then gave them a coat of matte varnish. I peeled off the grip tape on the original keys and transfered them to...
  19. Gobo

    ARMA 3 - Basic infantery binds

    Here's a recording of the gameplay along with shots of the Cyborg. :)
  20. Gobo

    Managing favorite profiles

    I've noticed there's a system in the software for profiles where you can hit the star beneath the profile name to add it to your favorites, thus showing a star behind the profile name. But how do I remove it? Once marked there's no button to remove the star.