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    More than one Azeron controller at once?

    now if you can tilt them so it would resemble the position of holding a basketball...
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    30 degree tilt Base?

    Man I love this thing but I am getting a strain between my thumb and wrist. I moved the thumb back but it still seems to be an issue. I found this device available but i do not have a 3d printer. I would like to see an adjustable based that would allow me to tilt the device to any degree...
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    I Downloaded the New Update (v1.2.6) and my Cyborg wont work now

    Same issue... sent email and set my azeron aside as i roll my face on the keyboard trying to figure out how to play without my borg
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    I guess my fingers are to long.. JAmmed up on a large

    if i remove my hand I could fit a baseball in my palm, my fingers are so curled. can I get longer rails for the towers? I need a 1/4 of an inch more finger length.