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  1. Im this guy

    🔥 Azeron Software v1.5 RC6 (public test version) is here

    The issue should have been fixed on the newer 1.5.1 version
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    Cyro can't remap d-pad on software 1.5.0

    Thank you. This has been noted and fix is coming. Current workaround - use software profiles or revert back to 1.4.1 version, by downloading 1.4.1 version and then accepting the updated when prompted.
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    🔥 Azeron Software v1.5 RC6 (public test version) is here

    Change the profile or the global angle. Might have been a different value set in the older profiles, that got carried over
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    L3arts newbee

    Support is highly rated, we try to do our best for customer satisfaction. You can get familiar with warranty policy on You shouldn't have issues with it, if it`s used for the purpose, staying on the desk. Got to be careful with the torque indeed, got to...
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    The design of the Cyro

    Not sure on the timeframe for the trackball. We don't share any of our modifications, so the current ones available online, as far as I know, are teensy 2.0++ compatible only
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    Azeron hardly working

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    Cyro arrives this week

    You can only download the software from You won't be able to map anything without the device connected. You can search for some keybinds setups for the games that you plan using it on
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    Randomly losing control of movement/aim during PC gameplay

    Makes sense. You can try increasing the lower deadzone till you get rid of jitters in the middle. Play around with the sensitivity as well, that can reduce the jitters. Blow the compressed air in the potentiometer, that does wonders sometimes as well, as there could be some dirt, that can...
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    Randomly losing control of movement/aim during PC gameplay

    Sounds like the thumbstick is jittering. Go in the Azeron software and move the stick and observe on whether any jitter occurs. Additionally, export the log file from settings / having trouble. Make sure the keypad is connected when exporting the logs and attach it here
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    Azeron hardly working

    Try manually flashing the firmware with the earliest version. Then Unplug it, restart the PC launch the software and plug it in, then let it update via software. .
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    Is here a way to share a profile for a specific game?

    It will be possible in the next software version. Currently you can only share all profiles at once. It will overwrite all software profiles.
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    Question on ordering spare parts

    email us on currently the amazon order nr`s aren't recognised on our website, but we are working on it
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    5 way hat switch broken on Azeron Classic..

    The part can be purchased by emailing us on, if you are unable to get it elsewhere. It requires soldering to replace it. If you can't solder, then a module can be purchased. Replacement guide -
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    Azeron hardly working

    Try Make sure you aren't on the latest Cubeprogrammer version. 2.17 is bugged at the moment, so anything below that should work
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    🔥 Azeron Software v1.5 RC6 (public test version) is here

    Azeron software wouldn't get banned, since it doesn`t emulate anything.
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    Thumbstick Calibration takes a long time to calibrate and setting deadzone to 120 or with restrictor ring or any value doesn't seem to do anything

    Weird one. Reset the device via settings tab and re-try. Does the changes take effect if you change it in the global setting ? After calibration, before save, press adjust manually and lower the upper deadzone to 120 and press save.
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    Software using 10% of CPU

    You can use 1.5 version -, there are few optimisations done for the software to reduce the CPU usage. In the having trouble section, disable the thumbstick logging, as that can cause some CPU usage, it should be...
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    There should be a(n obvious) way to order multiple units.

    Great suggestion ! The reason multiple units can't be purchased is because of the higher shipping costs. We have some limitation on box sizes, that we can ship, otherwise the prices will skyrocket
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    Latency specs

    What`s the new one, is it the Cyborg? Extra adjustments for better ergonomics. Elite v2 stick option Polling increased at some point, but if you are on the latest fw, you`ll have it.
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    Azeron Cyborg "black board" dont work after firmware update

    what`s JRE error, got a screenshot? which step is it failing on the reflash -