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    Is here a way to share a profile for a specific game?

    Does anybody know how to share an Azeron Cyborg profile for a specific game? I know I can show a picture of the keys via the template I created but it would be nice to set up a way for users to share profiles for specific games.
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    Form template for Cyborg key map

    MS Word.
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    Form template for Cyborg key map

    Hi everyone, I wanted to share a tool I made with you, a Word macro-enabled form to map keys for your games. You can type labels for each of the keys , the name of the game and pick a date. Then you can print it. To make a map for another game, just click on the clear all button.. I find...
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    Print button on profile page

    Personally, I think it would be fabulous if there was a print button on the profile page that would allow you to print out a copy of your profile with a white background, black lettering and the current date. When I am first creating a profile for a game, it takes several versions before I get...