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    Azeron Giveaway discussion

    Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway, to those who didn’t enter next month! It looks like a phenomenal piece of equipment and my buddy loves his. If I don’t win one by October I’m buyin mine for my birthday. There’s a product for everyone and again, good luck!🍀
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    Azeron August Giveaway (concluded) Lumberjack complete with AXE
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    Azeron Giveaway discussion

    Well congratulations to the winner anyway. Hope your build makes your gameplay that much more enjoyable! Everyone else, good luck on the next one. Keep tryin and keep supporting these guys and tell your friends. If you don’t win maybe they will. Little victory’s right?!
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    Azeron Giveaway discussion

    Yo who won July’s giveaway? Wanna congratulate them and also, when does August giveaway start? Gotta try again lol.
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    Azeron July Giveaway (concluded)