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    Request: Change the way the button faces

    The highest button on the tower (at the top) should be reversed, It's very hard to get the stock of your finger to press the button inward, but it naturally wants to the button towards the tip of the tower, not towards the base of the tip. The button I am speaking of is in the attached image. I...
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    Two Buttons linked together

    I don't know much, but to me it sounds like there might be a connection issue. Maybe a wire touching both buttons? Sounds unlikely thought due to how they are put together. If you are comfortable removing some screws you can look inside and look at the wires connected to those 2 buttons. One of...
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    Cyborg Tower Repair

    Hi, One of the tower joints recently broke as seen in the image circled in red. Now removing it was another story. Anyway i can repair the joint, however I can't get it back on. The black ball circled in yellow is permanently attached. Now I assume the screw hole in the back is there so you can...