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    Custom Colors?

    Waiting For The Neon Green Myself.
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    Am I Missing Something?

    A Refurbished Cyborg Is Going For @ $185 USD. If I Order It New, Its @ $176 USD. Refub: Clearance and Refurbished units New Green Cyborg Medium Curved NEW GREEN CYBORG MEDIUM CURVED 170.00€ est.* 185.06 USD New: AZERON CYBORG OLD PRICE180.00€est.* 195.95 USD 18€ OFFest.* 19.60 USD NEW...
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    Any plans for adjustable angle Cryo? It's too upright for me and hurts my elbow

    After Seeing This, I Am Going To Have To Rethink My Purchase.
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    Custom Colors?

    What Custom Colors Are Going To Be Available?
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    I'm In!!!

    Only Thing Stopping Me Is The Color (Petty, I Know). I'm Gonna Hold Out For A Matching Neon Green.
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    Button Reach

    6 1/2" For Middle Finger 6" For Index Finger
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    Button Reach

    I Have Short Fingers (Index Finger Is 2 3/8"). Is The Keypad Adjustable For This? I Currently Have A Swiftpoint Z And The Top Left Button Is Out Of Reach.
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    I'm In...But

    I Will Be Ordering One. Waiting On More Color Choices. I Should Be Able To Purchase One, Once I Sell My Swiftpoint Z.
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    Move, look around, aim, shoot, cast spells, etc. with one hand! 🧀

    Even A Guess At A Price Would Do. I'll Be Selling My Swiftpoint Z.
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    I See A Preset I Like. Can I Order It With An Custom Nameplate?
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    Difference In Price

    Why The Difference In Price Between: And ??? Only Difference I See Is One Is 8 Months Newer And The Color.
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    Which One To Choose...

    I'm Getting Ready To Purchase....But! I Have A Small Hand 7 1/8" And Short (Stubby [Middle Finger Is 2 3/4") Fingers. I've Narrowed Down Between The Compact And Cyborg Compact. I Couldn't Find A Side By Side Comparison. What Are Differences And What Would Be Better? I Play FPS And Racing/Flight...